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  • In India, more than 70% population of India belongs to the middle class and lower-middle-class category. And many of you who are reading this post belong to this category. Before taking any big decision, our mind always thinks about money.
  • You believe it or not, but in most of the houses, the whole month schedule depends on the salary which comes on the 1st day of every month. In fact of having less salary, many people try to save more money every month but most of the time due to so many expenses, we are unable to save anything.
  • And in order to fulfill our other wishes, we have to depend on the loan, rent or borrow money from others etc. So if you want to know how to manage your money then read this post.
  • Many people believe that saving the money is a very difficult task but if you do proper planning to save more money then despite having less salary and all kind of daily expenses you can save more money continuously.

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In this post, I will tell you 6 simple and easy money saving tips and ideas from which you will easily find how to manage your money.

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Trick No. 1: Firstly you have to decide your saving goal, main goal or your aim to start doing any work.

  • Before starting any work, it is very important that you know the main goal and end result of that work.


  • You study hard for your exam because your goal is to achieve good marks in the exam.
  • You do a daily workout in the gym because your goal is to make a perfect body.
  • Like that only before you start to save more money, you have to make some saving goals. So that in order to achieve that goal, you continuously save more money. This post will tell you how to manage your money.

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Save more money

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Long-term goals may include a big house, future studies, retirement plan and etc. which will take some time to complete it whereas short-term goals may include a sporty bike, an expensive necklace or a long vacation which will require only a few month savings to complete it.


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Note: So first you have to decide your saving goals and according to that start to save more money.

Trick No. 2: Do not pay yourself first (Automatically) in hotels, restaurants or after buying something because after doing this you are unable to save money for yourself.

  • Many people have a habit that they think about others more than about themselves and spend money on others. Now, this habit is good as well as bad also.
  • It is good because your relationship becomes strong with other people but it is bad also because you are unable to save money for yourself.

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  • Many time people think that after getting a salary, they will buy this and that thing or etc. But the reality is that after fulfilling monthly bills and all kind of daily expenses, you hardly have some money in your hand.

Remember: After getting the salary, you should always save a small part from the salary for yourself.

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Now here is the best way to save money fast.

One simple way I will tell you in this post.

  • Most of the people salary get deposited in their bank. Every bank has a facility known as “Recurring Deposit Account” or “RD Account”. Now let me explain to the people who have no idea about RD Account, it is a facility in which you can transfer a small amount from your salary every month in your RD Account. Best way to save money fast.

You have to decide 3 things while opening an RD Account.

  1. How much amount you want to transfer to RD Account
  2. On which date of every month you want to transfer that amount
  3. For how much time (duration) you want to keep your RD Account
  • There is one more benefit of RD Account and that is supposed the duration of RD Account is of 12 months but due to some emergency, you urgently require some money then in that case you can break your RD Account before the 12 months duration and you can remove all the money that is saved in RD.
  • If you want more information about RD Account and want to take full benefit of this facility then try to contact your bank person. This is the best way to save money fast and from this, you will get to know how to manage your money.

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Trick No. 3: Spend less money on expensive or wastage things and save more money (How to manage your money).

  • Many people have a bad habit of doing show off just to grab attention from other people and to achieve this most of the people spends a lot of money on this.


  • For a normal haircut, they always go to the big to big or an expensive salon. Change 2 or 3 dresses just to show that they belong to the high-class family.
  • Now by doing all such stuff, it’s still not confirmed whether they get public attention or not, but their money gets wasted because of all such things. And then a time comes when they have no money in their hand that’s why you should definitely implement one thing in your life and that is you will save more if you will spend less.

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Note: So try to avoid unnecessary expenses so that you can grow your saving more.

Trick No. 4: Change your habits which are increasing your expenses day by day and reducing your savings.

If you want to know the commontricks of how to save money on food or how to manage your money then read this post. Money saving tips and ideas:

  • There was a man whose name was Oliver, who used to work in a company as a software engineer. There is food shop near to his office whose doughnuts are very famous and Oliver used to like those donuts so much that he used to eat at least 2 doughnuts every day.

Now because of this Oliver was facing 2 big losses every day.

  1. First problem or loss, his expenses were increasing every day. Example: Suppose the price of one doughnut is rs 30 that means Oliver was spending at least 60 Rs on doughnuts every day. If we see it day wise, Rs 60 is very less but if we calculate whole month expenses then Oliver was spending Rs 1800/month on a high-calorie food.
  2. And because of this high-calorie food only, his weight was also increasing which was the 2nd problem or loss for Oliver. Now if we analyze this situation more deeply in order to lose his excess weight, he will join a gym and follow a special diet which will increase his expenses more. Like this, if you will change your habit then you can easily save money on food.
  • Similarly, many people have a habit of smoking and many people smoke 7 to 8 cigarettes every day. Suppose the price of one cigarette is Rs 10 that means smokers spend Rs 80/day and Rs 2400/month on drugs and which is slowly reducing their lifespan.

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Note: So if you want to grow your savings easily and you have a habit of such thing which don’t give any benefit to you and only expenses are growing daily. Then you should STOP or CHANGE that habit. Then only your expense will reduce and saving will grow automatically. This trick will help you to know how to manage your money. 

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Trick  No. 5: Switch to stay cation. (Do not spend your savings by roaming here and there in vacations.)

  • As you all know April month has started and in many families, summer vacations preparation is going on. Many people might be thinking where to go on this summer vacation.
  • Many people like to travel outside during vacations, they spend more time with family just to refresh their mind which is definitely a good thing but this traveling on vacation also increases your expenses.
  • You don’t even realize that your all money has been spent on traveling cost, hotel rent, food cost, etc.

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  • I am not saying that you should not go on a vacation with your family but it’s not necessary that you should always travel out of city or expenses places on vacation.
  • There may be a lot of places to see in your local city where you can visit with your family members and at such places your expenses will also be less.

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Note: Hence try to spend more vacations in your local city so that you don’t spend much amount of money. These are the smart ways to save money at home.

Trick No. 6: Utility savings (Try to doing small savings by switching off your fans and lights while you are not using.)

  • Many time you have heard this from your parents or other people that small droplets make an ocean. Now, this technique is similar to this concept.
  • If we compare this technique with the last 5 techniques then you will find that the saving effect in this technique is very low, but really it will work.

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  • Many people switch off the tv after watching but they forget to switch off the main switch and then that switch remains ON for a long time that’s why switch off the main switch also after watching so that we can save a little bit electricity.
  • Similarly, AC working at 18-degree temperature is enough for cooling purpose.
  • Many people forget to remove the mobile from charging and then due to overcharging, the lifespan of mobile battery reduces and electricity is also wasted but there are many apps on play store and app store which ring an alarm when the mobile is fully charged and you get to know that your mobile is fully charged. This way is one of the smart ways to save money at home.

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Remember: And like these such small things, reduce your expenses will help to increase your saving.


Every person has some money but the fact is, if it is coming fast then it will also go fast. So try to manage your money properly and invest it in the right place so that you can get more benefit from it. So I hope, now you get that how to manage your money.

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And at last: Spend money wisely to make money properly.

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