How to win friends and influence people

How to win friends and influence people

If you want to become a lovable person like: everyone will gets happier by seeing you or talking with you and people say “nice to meet you” or “he is a good guy, we like him”. Do you want to be a likable person or want to know how to win a girl’s heart or how to win a guy’s heart? If yes, then read this post.

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Here are some tricks on how to win friends and influence people

Trick No. 1: Do not criticize.

In school or college, we get the habit of criticising and this habit gets stronger from time to time and when we see someone doing something wrong then we get angry and start teasing him like “Ohh idiot, you do not even know how to do this simple task”.

And then, if that person does not accept his fault or starts defending himself by saying “I did not do it wrong on purpose, I was doing it properly”.

From this, you both start arguing with each other and at the end, your relation gets disturbed. So next time if you see someone doing something wrong then don’t be angry at anyone or never criticize anyone.

And this will teach you how to make friends and influence people.

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Trick No. 2: Appreciation.

In this life, if someone wants something from others then that is appreciation but in this busy life, we forget to appreciate people.

Think yourself that last time when did you appreciate your mother in case of food or something else? Appreciation makes the man humble or you can create your position in their heart through appreciation. So if you want to know how to win girl’s heart or how to win guy’s heart then appreciate them and if someone helps you then you have to say thank you to them.

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Trick No. 3: Arouse in the other person, an eager want.

Don’t tell people what you want in fact tell them how it’s beneficial for them.

Example: If I say that please subscribe my video channel I want 1 lakh subscribers then there is only 8% chance that people will subscribe but if I will say that if you find my videos useful then please subscribe my channel. Then there are 95 % chances that people will subscribe your channel. So next time if you want something from others then tell them the benefits for them instead of your benefits. And it will improve your personality development.

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Trick No. 4: Become genuinely interested in other people.

If you want to create space instantly in girl’s heart or guy’s heart then show genuine interest to other people. 

Example: If you are meeting with a singer then show him an interest that you like singing and ask them that how you have started your singing career. And ask him their favorite songs? And only talk about things that are related to them. From this, he will think that you are interested in him.

And this is a fact if you will show interest to people then people will come and like to you. And at the end, they will also show their interest in you. So only talk related to them. And from this, you will instantly win friends and influence people.

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Trick No. 5: Smile.

A smile is the most powerful weapon. A smile is a thing from which you can convert bad mood into a good mood.

There are a lot of benefits for a smile but the biggest benefit of a smile is that “smile shows that you are happy to see them”.But there is a technique of smiling and that is if you are smiling and then you are seeing the person you will look weird. Now the question comes to your mind is that how to smile? When you create eye contact with that person then smile and then your smile will look genuine. This will also improve your personality development.

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Trick No. 6: Remember Names.

In this world, everyone mostly loves their own name. So if you will meet a new person then always remember their name. And if you have a problem in remembering the people’s name then most of the time repeat their name in your conversation.

For example: If someone comes to you and tells her name then you have to repeat her name like this:

She: Hi, I am Riddhi …

Me: “Hi Riddhi, Riddhi is a good name and in fact recently we put the name Riddhi to my uncle’s daughter. Nice to meet you Riddhi. We will meet later.”

And like this, you can repeat their name 4-5 times in a conversation and you can easily remember her name.

And always remember if you want to become a likable person or want to win friends and influence people then call people by their first name.

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Trick No. 7: Be a good listener.

Recently around a few days ago, I was standing somewhere for going to college and suddenly an uncle came to me and started talking to me. He said that due to raining, his car is not getting started and he has to go somewhere urgently but he can not find any auto or any vehicle. The bus is also running very late and he got very late then he talked to me for half an hour and at the last, he told me that he is having a sweet-cake shop in that mall and also he gave me his card. And when he was going then he said “nice to meet you”.


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In fact, he was the one talking to me and I was only giving replies like yes yes, good, great, wow, well done, nice, etc. I was only repeating these kinds of words. And after few days my friend birthday came so, I thought about that shop and then I went to that shop and he gave me 50% off on that cake. So if you also want to win someone’s heart then listen to them completely rather than only you talking and not giving the chance to the other of saying something. And this trick will improve your personality development.

Remember: You have to talk only 20% and give them a chance to talk 80%

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Trick No. 8: Talking in terms of the other person’s interests.

When you will meet someone then you have to talk about their interested topic instead of your interest. If you meet someone and you start talking about your interest like “I love horror movies, I don’t like fighting movies and telling him that a horror Hollywood movie is coming”. If you talk to someone related to your interest only, then there is very less chance that he will talk to you next time in the future.

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So if you want to be a likable person then talk to the people only and only about their interests instead of your interest. As like what he likes? what are their hobbies? what does he like to do in free time? and so on.

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