How to prepare for exams / Exam and test preparation tips

Exam preparation tips for college students or school students

In exam time most of the students get nervous and start taking so much tension. In easy language, due to exam tension, children face lack of confidence. A question such as “what to do?” “how to do?” disturb their mind. Because of tension or stress, students do not understand how to start or how to prepare for exams and more than half of their time is wasted.

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In this post, I will tell you how to prepare for exams or test.

Trick No. 1: Start with the short lesson

If you start your study with long and difficult lessons then it may happen your mood gets off after some time by thinking that you wasted a lot of time without finishing anything. Then what’s the trick? and the trick is to start with an easy and small lesson. The benefit of these will help you to convince yourself that in a short period you have done a good progress.

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If you are studying mathematics and you stuck in a question then don’t get frustrated. The great scientist Thomas Edison had also tried approximately 10,000 times to invent the bulb. People asked him that by wasting a lot of time in this single bulb what you learned? He said now I know that there are the 9999 reasons why the bulb doesn’t glow. So keep trying even if your answer is wrong. This practice and mistake will help you to reach you to your target.

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Trick No. 2: Isolate yourself

For doing a study find a calm and relaxed place. From where you can stay away from your laptop and your mobile phone. Most of the time it happens that if your mobile is in front of you while studying then your concentration is more on mobile than your books. Its like mobile is calling you and saying you “Look at me dude, I am yours”. When you will find a calm place then you will not find anything to distract you. Your time will also not get wasted and you will progress easily and fast.

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Trick No. 3: Don’t study with a friend

By reading this point, most of the students get shocked because most students prefer group study. Yes, it is good to study with your friends but it can happen that you may waste your time in any other activity with your friend without completing anything in the end. Some friends are good in studies but you should not take the risk. It is possible that you guys may be stuck in some argument and from this, your more time will be wasted. Try to avoid fights and arguments during the exam time in order to focus on your studies. These tricks are the exam preparation tips for college students or exam tips for school students.

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Trick No. 4: Skim through the paper first

Whenever we go to the restaurant to have food then before ordering any new dish, we get some information about that dish from the waiter in order to get an idea whether we should order it or not.

In the same way, if you have some extra time then before start studying any subject, we should go through the previous year question paper of that subject. From this, you will get a brief idea about that subject that will put you in a better mood to study. And if you are not getting any concept then don’t put more stress on that concept and for that time skip that concept. Our first aim should be: to have a good mood and finished the study on time. This is the best exam preparation tips.

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From this post, you will get to know how to study for a test or how to study for finals.

Trick No. 5: Take a 5 min break every hour

A continuous study can make you and your brain tired. So it’s better to take 5 min break every 1 hour. This small break will keep you away from the mental absorption and in that time you can watch tv for some time or can listen to music or just take a small walk. This will make you feel refresh but try to avoid using mobile phones in that short 5 mins break otherwise Facebook or WhatsApp will extend your 5 min breakup too 1 hour. So avoid mobile phones during the break.

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Trick No. 6: Don’t start few days before the exam (how to study for finals/test)

Most of the students start studying big topics just a few days before the exam and this is a very big mistake. Studying all the topics at the same time may divert your concentration that leads to increasing your stress and tension level. In the end, time was gone and you were not able to complete a single topic properly. So try to concentrate on a single topic at a time. And these tricks will help you in exam preparation.

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Bonus tip for you:

Make sure that before start studying you have all study material. Most of the time occur that during exam days you are unable to get all study materials easily that leads you to the tension and your mood gets off. So be sure that you have all materials before you start studying. Exams are conducted to check our ability not to give us tension. The more we will fear from exam then each and every time the fear of exam will increase. But if we are already doing exam preparation then we can easily write our exams.

How to prepare for exams step 9

This post is not only for students but this is also for those who are preparing for an interview because for them interview is also an exam. This post is also for those employees who are preparing for company presentation because for them presentation is an exam and for all those people who ever day faces an exam in form of challenge in day to day life.

These all are the exam preparation tips for college students or school students.

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Remember this:

Don’t stress Do your best Forget the rest.

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