How to make a good relationship and relationship advice

How to make a good relationship or healthy relationship

  • At the age of 15, 90’s kids used to be busy in various games like cricket, video games, skipping, etc. whereas today’s young generation are struggling in relationships and breakup. Its really feel shocking when people do suicide due to stress and depression in a relationship. In this, we will tell you how to make a good relationship.

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  • In whichever environment we are living, our relationship starts getting developed with the people around us like with our friends and family, with the office colleague or with our special person.
  • Every relationship has their own importance but due to a busy schedule and some misunderstanding most of the good relationship doesn’t last for a long time and after some months we get to hear common sentences like “we have done breakup and we are no more together”.

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  • It is very necessary to keep positive thinking in order to the relationship strong but many people take this positive thinking in a wrong way.


  • If the relationship is going well without any fight and misunderstanding from the last 8 months or 1 year then people start making the expectation that in future also the relationship will remain like this only.

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  • In fact, many time people start to make a future plan about their relationship in their mind. Like “this boy is very nice. He will always support me”. Our tuning and thoughts match a lot. We will definitely do a good business in future etc

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  • And if that expectation is not fulfilled then a good relationship get ruined away just because a small unrealistic wish was not fulfilled.

Let me explain this with a small relationship table:

  • When people meet at the first time, they are strangers to each other and that time trust and expectation between them is zero.
  • When they become friends, trust is 30% and expectation is 10% in both of them.
  • But when they become a best friend, both trust and expectation is 100%.
  • But when they become special to each other, trust remain 100% only but expectation level increase to more than 100%.

And when this expectation is not fulfilled relationship start getting disturbed and that person who used to be special to us become friend again and as time goes on, trust and expectation between them become zero and once again they become stranger for each other.

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Relationship Advice

Here are 3 commontricks on how to make a good relationship or perfect relationship:

how to make a good relationship commontricks

Trick No. 1: Keep expectation low (you should make such type of expectation that can be fulfilled and this will not create any type of disturbance in your relationship).

  • Every person has their own strength and weakness that’s why we should expect from people according to their strength. Moreover, the expectation should be small and realistic. We should not make such type of expectation that cannot fulfill.
  • The expectation should not be so much longer that it will create disturbance in the relationship. When we can’t fulfill all our expectation then how can we expect from others that they will fulfill all our expectations?

Remember: So in order to keep a healthy relationship, try to keep expectation low.

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Trick No. 2: Focus on the solution, not on the problem (Because if you will discuss only problems then it might happen that past problems and fights will also arise which will make the situation worse).

  • Whatever type of relationship it is, whether it is with family, friend or special person, it is normal to have problem and misunderstanding in a relationship.
  • It’s not necessary that there will be no problems in future if problems did not arise during 1 year of a relationship. No! The problem will arise and when it will come then that time instead of focusing on the problem, try to find its solution.

Remember: If you are discussing only problems then it might happen that past problems and fights will also arise which will make the situation worst.

make relationship strong step 8Note: Also, avoid discussing problems on calls and messages it’s better to meet together and discuss that problem in order to find its solution.

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Trick No. 3: Take out some time for others who are important parts of our life and this will make your relationship more strong and bright.

  • We are so busy in our daily work and schedule that we are not able to take out some time for those people who are important parts of our life.
  • Yes, work is also important but one small message or call from your side or a surprise gift from you will make your relationship more strong and bright.
  • Sometimes small and little things make a big difference.

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If you want to make a good relationship then stop expecting more and start focusing on the present. Enjoy every moment.

And always remember one thing for making a perfect relationship: People in the relationship may not be perfect but a relationship should always be perfect.

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And at last: Keep loving and make your relationship a perfect relationship.

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