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How to make a girl laugh and make your girlfriend

How to make a girl laugh and make your girlfriend

  • It is a type of skill to make the people laugh which is present in every people and which we called a sense of humor. And this sense of humor plays a very important role in everyone’s life.
  • A sense of humor makes the bond strong with our friends from which we can talk hourly without getting bored. The sense of humor makes our relationship strong.
  • This helps in our personal life but we get help in our business life also. We attract those people who have a very good sense of humor.
  • So if you want to make your sense of humor strong then here are some ways and rules in this post. And after implementing these, you will get a humorous person and you will get to know how to make a girl laugh.

To make the humor better, you have to improve 2 things:

How to make a girl laugh commontricks

tricks to make someone laugh step 1

So let’s talk about content:

Note: If you want to improve content then you need variety. If you stick only a single type of humor then you will be annoying to the people.

Here are 8 most common types of humor which will tell you the things to make you laugh:

how to make a girl laugh commontricks

And with the help of these humor, you will get to know the commontricks of how to make a girl laugh or how to make someone laugh.

No. 1: Exaggeration means to observe something and then compare it, at an extreme level.

  • It is the most common humor and it is easy to understand and easy to use. Exaggeration means you are observing something or someone and to compare someone or something at an extreme level. The more strange your comparison will be, the funnier you will get.


  • He is very tall, if you want to talk to him then you have to stand on a ladder.
  • See, in your wait, his beard gets to grow. This humor is very easy, you have to improve only your way of thinking.

tricks to make someone laugh step 2

No. 2: Misdirection means to make the unexpected connection or you have to twist the conversation in a funnier way.

  • Misdirection is a common type of humor. And it is very easy, understandable and easy to use.
  • Misdirection means you have to make the connection that nobody expects.
  • As like conversation going in a single direction and you suddenly twist that conversation in a different direction from which everyone gets surprised.


Me: Hi, from where are you?

He: I am from Thane.

Me: Really thane mai to hmara roj ka uthna bethna hai, police thane mai.

tricks to make someone laugh step 3

No. 3: Teasing means to tease someone or point out someone and make fun.

  • Teasing is a very effective form of humor but you have to use this very carefully. Teasing means you point out something from others and make fun of it.


  • If your friend always uses hand sanitizer before eating then you can say like this “mera hath pakadne se pehle muje bhi sanitize karogi kya”. These examples are the funny things to say to make someone laugh.

Note: For using teasing you have to be careful always because of this, people can feel sad and will get angry at you. While using teasing your intention should be good. If your intention will be teased someone then it will be proved very bad to you. Only use with them who is comfortable with you.

Like this example, you also can create funny things to say to make someone laugh

tricks to make someone laugh step 4

No. 4: Parody means to copy funny characters or movie scenes to make the people laugh.

  • It is also a good form of humor and people like it. In this, you have to just copy the movie scenes or funny character. Or in the simple way “aapko logo ki nakal utarni hoti hai”. In this, you have to put efforts but to make it easy just speak the signature lines correctly.
  • Or you can also do a parody of your teacher or your weird friend.

tricks to make someone laugh step 5

No. 5: Sarcasm means to talk exactly opposite of what people are thinking.


  • When in my hostel, the food is not good to eat then I said to my friends like this “today’s food is very great or awesome. I never eat this kind of food really. I m right na”. Some people do not understand the sarcasm but those who like sarcasm, they love using it.

Remember: You have to emphasize the keywords it means you have to speak keywords with special importance and you have to be limit the sarcasm. Because people don’t like more sarcastic people.

tricks to make someone laugh step 6


No. 6: Puns means you have to use same words but have a different meaning.


  • “Mai na yaar banker ban na chahta tha , par phir mera interest chala gya” , ” mai tujhe chemistry joke batane wala tha par mujhe pata hai ki muje tujhse koi  reaction nhi milega”.

Note: People don’t like the puns because most of the time they fly over the head and did not laugh. But some people love it.

tricks to make someone laugh step 7

No. 7: Roleplaying means to stay in the role till the end and make fun of it.

  • Role-playing humor is very hard to use. Because in this humor you have to stay in the role and which is very hard.

As like:

  • I used this role in our college when I meet with my friend of friends then I say to myself hacker and i say to him ” Bhai give me hotspot for only 2 mins, and  after 2 mins I said done, I hacked your phone, I save your personal information in my phone and also I hacked your google account, and also your bank account which is link to this phone number I remove the 1000 rupees from that account.
  • And after that, he got very nervous and immediately off his hotspot and start checking his phone.”

Remember: In this, you have to maintain the character till the end and if you will not leave the character till the end then it will be funny or enjoyable. These are the things to make you laugh.

tricks to make someone laugh step 8

No. 8: Storytelling means to give information and make the bond strong from your actual and realistic story.

  • Storytelling is a great medium to make the people laugh by giving information and to make a bond strong with them. Stories are great to create humor because people are focused on the actual story and you create the humor on the last punchline.
  • Simple stories are also effective to create humor but for this, you have to know how to tell a story properly. These all the points will help you in how to make a girl laugh.

tricks to make someone laugh step 9


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Now we will talk about delivery, and from these rules, you will find out the things to make you laugh.

how to make a laugh commontricks

Rule No. 1: Know when not to be funny (You should know the right situation before cracking a joke).

  • To improve delivery firstly you have to know that when you have to make funny or when not. For cracking the joke you have to understand the situation because you can’t create joke at someone’s funeral.

tricks to make someone laugh step 10

Rule No. 2: Never laugh first at your own joke because it will destroy the people’s attention.

  • As you also noticed that comedians and show host never laugh first at their own joke. They only just smile or change the expression.
  • Because funny means get the attention of others and surprise them and they will say “Yes you are right”.

Note: And if you laugh first at your joke then you can say that I’m trying to be funny please laugh with me. It is something to make me laugh but don’t laugh first.

tricks to make someone laugh step 11

Rule No. 3: Never make your own fun at a big cost because it will not be good for your future and people will not forget that funny character in their life.

  • Few peoples do jokes on their own to get a funny character. This will be ok for your close friend but it’s not good for any other unknown person. And some people get hurt themselves to get funny which is not a good thing.
  • From this everyone will laugh at you, so don’t do this.

tricks to make someone laugh step 12

Rule No. 4: Adjust your humor (way of making fun) according to your audience. You should know that they will like that joke or not.

  • As already I told that people did a very common mistake that is, they always get stick to a single type of humor and if they talk from others then they don’t like this type of humor and they get bored.
  • Funny people have the variety of humor and they can easily find out the humor in anything which is suit the audience.


  • Children don’t like puns or sarcasm, but they love the role-playing.
  • But who are seniors as, like a working group, management student likes the puns.
  • And high school student or college going student loves the exaggeration and teasing.

tricks to make someone laugh step 13


Rule No. 5: While cracking your joke you have to relax, cool and having confident body language and tonality.

  • Joke means having fun or enjoying. But most of the people do the mistakes, to get the funny they think a lot and their body gets automatically nervous and their tone gets also change.
  • Their nearby or environmental friend gets tensed and from this type of body language, it’s very hard to get a funny person.
  • So stay relax to be funny so that your nearby people also stay relax and cool.

tricks to make someone laugh step 14

Rule No. 6: Sometimes if you will be not able to crack the joke then you have to keep calm and not paying so much attention to that joke.

  • It’s not necessary that you will crack the joke every time and everyone will laugh at your joke. Your joke will crack sometimes may be or may not be.
  • But the thing is if you will not be able to crack the joke at that time then also you have to maintain your calmness level.
  • No one will notice your mistake unless you pay so much attention to it.

tricks to make someone laugh step 15

Rule No. 7: You have to follow, observe and learn from the stand-up comedians to get the good funny person.

  • To get the good funny person then you have to follow, learn or see the person who is the good in this field. You have to stay with these peoples and observe their pattern.
  • Watch the stand-up comedian and learn to time from them.
  • These all things helps you to get the funny person and you will get to know how to make a girl laugh.

tricks to make someone laugh step 16

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