How to impress a girl and make your girlfriend

How to impress a girl and make your girlfriend

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Every guy has a crush on a girl but due to some reason or lack of confidence he can’t say a word or can not propose to that girl. Due to this, her crush remains to crush only or stuck in the friend zone. Some boys try to propose also but they got reject answer as like I m not interested in you because they do not succeed to impress a girl. So in this post i will tell you how to impress a girl and make her girlfriend, read this post, try these tips and you can’t fail. My tricks will help you in how to propose a girl from an initial stage to end.

Tricks of how to propose a girl or how to impress a girl

Trick No. 1: Find the same environment

If u want to start effectively conversation with a girl then you have to find something common between both of you as like the same college, same classroom, same society, same place, same friends so that u can start a conversation with her. After that, you have to research about her as like what she likes and what’s she interested in? And you also have to take knowledge about her as like interested in books, movies, tv series, web series, or anything she likes. And if she likes to read books then you also have to read 1-2 good books so that you can share the views of that book from her. And if you both have the interest in the same thing then you can talk with each other a long time and then the possibility also come that you can impress her or you can impress girlfriend.

Trick No. 2: Have your own life interesting

Girls like the guy if he has interesting things in his own life. If he has a boring life, no goals, no passion then no girl like him. So make your life interesting by setting your goals or put the interesting hobbies like singing, motorcycling, programming, anything. Anything which you like to do and also you have to passionate about that goal. Because girl always loves passionate boys.

Tricks to impress a girl step 3

Trick No. 3: Be a likeable person

If you enter in a classroom and everybody wants to meet you or have an interest in talking with you because of your politeness and your good way of talking. Then from all of this your crush will also come to you and wants to talk with you and she will also get attracted with you because she will think, “how cool you are, everyone’s like him”. Then she will also want from you to go somewhere with her. So be a likeable person.

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Tricks to impress a girl step 4

Trick No 4: Look good and have a great hygiene

If u want to impress a girl then you have always looked good and hygiene because girl’s nose is very sensitive and she can catch the bad smell very easily. If you smell bad then she will think “he smells so bad I have to go away”. So if you are going to meet a girl then take a proper bath and wear hygiene clothes and put perfume or deodorant, because your appearance and your look matter a lot to the girl. And this will help you in impressing a girl.

Tricks to impress a girl step 5

Trick no 5: Ask her to do things for you

You have to say the work to your crush for you and when she will do work for you then she will like you more. Now you will think how is it possible. This is how because it is a psychological effect which is called Benjamin Franklin effect and in this effect when someone is doing something for us then their mind subconsciously think that we did something for him because we must like him. Benjamin Franklin uses this effect for their opponents because from this, his opponents convert into good friends. You can also use this effect by saying your crush small works as like pass that paper or pass that pen or like passing the notes and don’t use this a lot otherwise she will think that you are using her.

Tricks to impress a girl step 6

Trick no 6: Make her laugh

In this paragraph, you will get to know how to make a girl laugh

If you are thinking that you are not funny and you cant make the girl laugh because u don’t have that type of confidence then you have to do the practice of jokes in your room. Observe the funny people and comedians, tell her funny scene of a movie. As much as jokes you will crack then you can make yourself a funny character too. Girls like laughing a lot and if you got the success of making a girl happy then she will think that you are intellectually strong or humorous and from this, she will love to spend the time with you.

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Tricks to impress a girl step 7

Trick no 7: Be her friend

You have to be her friend or not like others as stuck in the friend zone. As like if she got a problem then she always a thinks the first name of you. And for this you have to do all the kind of things for her which other friends zone people will not do as like before sleeping chatting with her or messaging her like good day, good morning, good night, or do exam preparation with each other, or watching her favourite movies with her, or going somewhere outside with her, or by listening her problems sympathize her or doing these work which she likes to do. And from this, you will go close to her as compared to other friends and after that in future you will find easy to propose that girl.

Tricks to impress a girl step 8

Trick no 8: Break the touch barrier

You have to break the touch barrier and you have to touch her as like on shoulder or hand but remember you have touched only in a non-sexual way. As like by taking something from her, caught her hand. Or when you saw her then do handshake or playing that kind of games in which touch is required. There is a subconscious mind trick behind the touch as like if we are touching someone or someone is touching us then our mind thinks that we are safe and comfortable with him. And if she will not like your touch or feeling not good or afraid of you then doesn’t touch her anymore.

Tricks to impress a girl step 9

Trick no 9: Tell secrets

You have to tell her secrets about your life which knows very few people. From this, if u tell her your own secret then she will trust u more as compare to before. Because we have the old habit that “we trust on who trust us first”. Tell her secrets like if she tells your secret to someone then you don’t have to face any kind of problem. And tell her most of the funny secrets because it will be good for you and this will create a good impression in front of that girl.

Tricks to impress a girl step 10

Trick no 10: Give her all your attention

In this busy world, if someone wants something then it is attention. If you really want to make her girlfriend then, when she will talk to you or telling you something then you have to pay attention to her words instead of talking others or using mobile phones. In future, if she will do the discussion on that topic then you can tell her own words and from this, she will feel special and will enjoy your presence because she will think that you are giving her importance. Remember when she will talk to you then do the eye contact.

Tricks to impress a girl step 11

 Trick no 11: Confidence

After following all the tips and you will approach her then you need confidence. And confidence comes only when you will be good in all these points. You will also get a good personality and you can leave your good impression on others. And if u feel physically insecure then start the workout. This will make you physically or mentally strong. And at last, when you will proposing her as like “will you be my girlfriend” then she can’t say you no.

Tricks to impress a girl step 12

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