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How to get rich and become a millionaire

How to get rich and become a millionaire

  • There was a time whenever I used to see a rich man or whenever I used to read about some big businessman story then I used to ask my mom. Mom, I wish we were also rich like them. So that we can also live in big bungalows, travel in a big car, etc.
  • These rich people are so much lucky mom, at that time my mom used to say that in order to become rich, along with luck you also have need to do some hard work and also you should know about proper utilization of your money to become rich in life.

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  • At that time I realize that all these rich people are expert in making money but at that time they also know the secret of proper utilization of their money.
  • At the beginning of every month, we get our salary in our bank account. But then also too many peoples financial condition are not good and many we get to hear this “Its month end dude. Please understand. Financial condition currently is not so good”.

In this post, I will tell you a story and at the end of it, we will get 3 important tricks. And with the help of that commontricks, you will get to know how to save money and how to get rich.

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  • Many years ago, there was an ancient city name as “BABYLON” where a man name ARKAD was living. He was very rich and very kind person from heart. He used to do lots of charity and used to help many poor people with his donations.
  • But then too, his wealth used to increase continuously. On the other side, his friends who are also living in Babylon were not able to feed their family with some foods.

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  • One day they asked Arkad: Arkad, we have studied in the same school, played the same game together and you were not smarter than us. Then how you are so lucky that today you are the richest man in Babylon.
  • Today you wear nice clothes, eat various delicious food and we can not imagine beyond simple food and clothes. Arkad please tell us that why god is not showering his blessing on us also, as like he did on you.

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Arkad said that you didn’t understand or might have forgotten the actual laws and rules of how to make money in all these years. Today I will tell you my real life story and will share the law of how to make money.

  • Arkad said that it was that phase of his life when he was very young and used to do work of writing on stones for daily income. He has realized one thing that wealth is necessary in order to get all type of good facilities in life and one day he will definitely get all these facilities.
  • But at that time, whatever Arkad used to earn it was spent on daily expenses like food and cloth and nothing used to leave with him to save.
  • One day a money lender named Algamish visited him and gave an order of writing 9 laws on stone and he told Arkad that he wants that stone within 2 days for which he was ready to give 2 copper coins to Arkad.

how to save money and become rich step 5

  • Arkad was awake whole night and was continuously writing laws on stone but the laws were too long that’s why when Algamish came on next day, the order was not completed and due to this, he became very angry on Arkad.
  • Then Arkad courageously said to Algamish that Algamish, you are so rich. Can you please tell me how to get rich like you and in return, I will not take any money and your order will be complete by tomorrow morning. This bravery of Arkad had impressed of Algamish a lot.
  • Algamish told Arkad to complete his order and he will share with him the secret of how to become rich. Arkad worked hard whole night and finally completed Algamish order.
  • Next day when Algamish came, Arkad told to him that his order is completed.

Now you please tell me the secret of how to become rich.

how to save money and become rich step 6

  • Algamish said that there is a very simple way of how to become rich and it is that you should always save a small part of your income for yourself. This simple way has made a shepherd into a rich man which is standing today in front of Arkad.

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How to save money

  • Arkad was not so smart in case of money. He uses to spend money on others but never used to save for himself.
  • Algamish explained to him that he should always save 10% of income for yourself because that 10% will act like a slave for him which will bring more copper coins for him if he used it. Your first 10% will be like a seed of a plant which will improve your wealth and when you will regularly add 10% of your income in it, it will be like water that seed which after some years, will convert that gold seed into a money plant and Algamish went away after explaining this.
  • Arkad started following Algamish words very seriously and from every month, he started saving 10% for himself. He was not facing any type of difficulty to save that 10% and continued to save that 10% for one year.

how to save money and become rich step 9

  • After one year, when Algamish came to meet Arkad then he asked Arkad about his saving and his utilization.
  • Arkad said that his saving is going very good and he has given that saved money to one of his friend who does work of laying bricks. He is going to travel to another city through the ship and will bring expensive jewelry with that money at a low price which they are going to sell in Babylon at a very high price.

how to save money and become rich step 10

  • Algamish got angry at Arkad and told him is he mad? Do you visit a baker for medicine when you are ill? No, you visit a doctor. Similarly, for expensive jewelry, you should have contacted a person who has some knowledge about it.
  • Algamish was right. Arkad friend has bought fake jewelry from another city but a person always learns from his mistake.
  • So Arkad decided that he will again start saving the money.

how to save money and become rich step 11

  • After 1 year, Algamish again visited to meet Arkad.
  • Arkad said this time he has bought a brass with his saving which he has given to an ironsmith and that person gives a part of his profit to Arkad every month. And Arkad used to buy nice clothes, vines and horse cart with that money.
  • Algamish started laughing and said to Arkad that he will never become rich if he will do all these things. He is cutting his money plant before it gets start growing.
  • He should reinvest his saved money instead of spending it on the useless thing so that he can earn more money.
  • Algamish told Arkad that there a time will become when he will be able to spend his money without worrying about anything. But that time has not yet come.

how to save money and become rich step 12

  • Now after 2 years Algamish again came to meet Arkad. 
  • This time Arkad said that he is not earning that much but his investment and reinvestment are generating lots of profit for him. Finally, he learns how to make money.
  • After listening to this, Algamish made Arkad as his business partner.
  • Through this story, Arkad has shared with his friends the actual law and rule of how to make money and told them that he expects that they will also follow this rule and make money very soon.

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We have learned 3 important lessons from this whole story.

  1. We should always save 10% of our income for our self.
  2. We should take an advice from an expert instead of family and friends before investing money who have the good knowledge of it.
  3.  We should continuously reinvest our profit till our spending does not affect our saving.

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